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Manga A False Confession

Alternative TitlesA False Confession, False Confession, Holy me!, Kokuhaku no Yukue, 잘못된 고백, 你的告白已签收, 告白の行方, 错位告白, 错误的告白

Synopsis A False Confession

“I think I’ve fallen for you.” With a single drunken confession, Renesha’s plans to live a comfortable and uneventful life were shattered. Somehow she confessed her love to the wrong man: the Grim Reaper of the Battlefield, Duke Cavert Willard! It’s the worst thing to happen to her since she woke up in this fantasy universe and discovered her divine powers. In the midst of a war with a neighboring country, Renesha must balance her duties as a healer with her feelings for two alluring knights. When romance blooms on the battlefield, who will be victorious in the battle for Renee’s heart?
AuthorKoo Ara
ArtistHae Nok
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