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Manga Ane Naru Mono

Alternative TitlesMy Ancient Sister, My Elder Sister (German, French), The Demon Who Became My Sister, The Elder Sister-like One, The Sister of the Woods with a Thousand Young, Un Demone di Sorella, Демон, который стал моей сестрой, ปีศาจ พี่สาว กับเรื่องราวฤดูร้อนของผม, 姉なるもの, 姊姊, 姐姐, 恶魔姐姐, 누나 되는자, 누이 되는자

Synopsis Ane Naru Mono

When an orphan encounters the eldritch demon Shub-Niggurath, the “Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young” offers him one wish. His request: “Become my big sister.” It is a prequel to Ane Naru Mono doujinshi.
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