Manga Dragon of the Lake (by Meoggu)

Alternative :Dragon of the Pond, The Lake that the Dragon Lives In
AUTHOR: Meoggu
Time update354 days ago


On the evening of the College Entry Exams, Aran, a third-year high school student, meets a “talking toad statue,” while walking at a park. She lost consciousness after a bright light flashed before her eyes. After awakening in a strange forest, she encountered a wounded dragon and treated his wounds... it transformed from a dragon into a beautiful boy, Kang-Hyun, right in Aran’s arms! Whether it was a dream or not, Aran and Kang-Hyun, along with another dragon, Hoebaek, and the son of the dragon king, appeared in front of them in order to take the ‘three tests’?! All of this had to happen right after the College Entrance Exams?!

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