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Manga Raise wa Tanin ga ii

Alternative TitlesAn Outsider Is Better in the Afterlife, I'd Prefer It If We're Strangers in Our Next Life, Kiếp sau thà lấy thằng khác, Незнакомец для другой жизни, 唯願來世不相識, 愿来世为他人, 来世は他人がいい, 願來世為他人, 내세에는 남남이 좋겠어

Synopsis Raise wa Tanin ga ii

Yoshino has always been treated differently because she is the granddaughter of Osaka’s biggest mafia boss, so everyone is afraid of her, and she has never ever had a boyfriend.One day, her grandfather tries to arrange an engagement for her with a boy of her age, Kirishima who is intelligent, calm and kind and the grandson of another great mobster.In spite of everything, she decides to go live with Kirishima in Tokyo and begins to take an interest in him, but what will she do when she finds out that he is not only part of the mafia but is also a masochist?Note: Won first place at the Tsugi …
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